Five Porn Stars Who've Attempted Music Careers

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Adult film Actor and one-time Rapper Ron Jeremy

Earlier this week we examined both hip-hop artists who would make interesting adult film stars as well as rap stars who've actually attempted creating their own erotica. As shocking as that was, would you believe that plenty of porn's biggest names have actually attempted to crossover into music as well? While there was a recent trend of adult film actors exchanging sex in front of a camera to rocking the party behind turntables at guest DJ gigs, efforts to crossover into mainstream music success actually go back several decades.

We at the Weekly decided it's only fair we take a look back at five of the most memorable porn stars who've attempted music careers.

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Lolo Ferrari - "Airbag Generation" 1996

While the late Lolo Ferrari was most known for taking her clothes off, she wore many proverbial hats. Along with hardcore erotica, she was a fixture of European comedy sketch television and even attempted a singing career. Her 1996 single "Airbag Generation" is a checklist of European excess condensed into a four-minute clip.

Ron Jeremy - "Freak of the Week" 1996

While VH1 named it the all time "Least Hip-Hop Moment," we at the Weekly ride for Ron Jeremy's collaboration with DJ Polo "Freak of the Week." The only thing more surprising than the video's awesome celebrity cameos is the fact that Ron Jeremy has both a great sense of rhythm and the charisma to carry a rap record. This song actually charted, and still makes for the perfect addition to any "Booty Bass" mix.

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