Monster Massive Cancelled at the Last Possible Fucking Second...Again

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Monster Massive 2008

Hey kids! What are you doing this weekend? Monster Massive? If you haven't been on the Internet in last 12 hours or so you should probably Google their website and guess again. Last night, the event hosted by rave promoter Go Ventures announced that it had been cancelled.

Stop us if you've heard this one before...

Here is the statement from the Monster Massive website:

It is with great sadness that we must inform our loyal clients that Monster Massive 2012 has been canceled. Rest assured that all those that have purchased ticket will be refunded immediately. If you purchased your ticket at any of the outlets, please take your hard ticket back to the outlet for refund. if you purchased tickets online, all online retailers have been instructed to refund ticket holders immediately.

Pfff! What?! This message popped up sometime around 10 p.m. on Friday. The event was to be held today. Are we surprised? No. Still lame? Yes. Especially for those people who were hoping to check out the "undisclosed location" that the party was supposedly moving to after it was announced a few days ago via mass email to all ticket holders that the venue for this year's party had been changed. Originally the event was to take place at L.A. Center Studios.

Tickets ranged from $50 for general admission to $125 for VIP. Headliners included Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales and more. Despite the freakout over the venue change (and the fact that the event only announced about 12 DJs--a paltry figure by massive rave standards), guests were assured that the party was still happening right up until last night.

The fact that one of EDM scene's largest Halloween parties has been murdered is pretty frightening. What was it that did 'em in? Ghastly ticket sales? Vanishing headliners? Or maybe it was murdered by another competing rave in SoCal, we won't mention any names (cough, Escape From Wonderland). We're still in the middle of looking into some of the details of the situation, so be sure to stay tuned for any updates. But for now, those of you who would like to speculate, consider this your forum.

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has nothing to do with insomniacs. GoVentures simply failed to adapt quick enough to a city trying to shut down the rave scene. Insomniacs are much better at this stuff and managed to not only survive, but thrive.


Yo FUCK go ventures!!! I am not a happY campEr r!ghT now. TW!CE in a row??? my girL n ! wErE riGhT there by the venuE compLetLy unAWARe that monsteR mass!vE had bEeEn canceLLeD...AgA!N!!! !t was goNNa bE her first MaSS!Ve n it compLetLy fucked everythinG up. ! WiLL NEVER aTTeND anoThEr go ventures EvENT. So FuCK YOU go ventures!!! N 2 all the party kidZ out there so SoRRY 4 the neGaT!v!TY just AnGry n BuMeD ouT...... THE ALLoLLY ReALM...... NuTTHoUSe TeRRAr!ZeR!!!!!!...


Monster Massive 2012 was a controlled rave demolition!  So was mm 2011, winterfresh 2010, EDC 2010..............   All apart of a vast globalist conspiracy to take away our freedoms and turn us all into slaves!!!!  Blame the Illuminati!!!!  


@drock1414 @the-allolly-realm Yo whaddupZ drock1414? Very cute comment!!! Go ahead n run your mouth online but I'm so sure well meet at a party sooner or later!!! Enjoy your night n be careful... THE ALLoLLY ReALM!!!!!! tHe nuttHouse terrar!zer!!!!!!

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