Five Hip-Hop Artists Who Would Make Absurd Adult Film Stars

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Rapper/Actor Common

Careers in music, especially today, are among the rockiest paths of employment one could venture into. That said, it's understandable certain artists would want to make a little extra on the side or have a safety net if music stops paying the bills. But when rap artist Mystikal recently boasted that he might venture into erotica if rapping doesn't work out, it got us at the Weekly thinking about which other hip-hop acts might follow suit. Here's our choices for five hip-hop stars who we think would make the most absurd adult film stars.

5. Drake

While the former "Degrassi" star has plenty of experience performing in front of the camera, it's the potential for Drake accidentally conveying his euphoria in the throngs of passion in his "Drake-style" hashtag-rap punchlines that makes him start our list. Granted, few watch these types of movies for the dialogue, but the chances of him screaming "You're making me so hot - Heatmiser" or "You make me feel so good - Ma$e" would be enough to effectively kill the mood. Of course, we're guessing he'd make a name for himself for being able to try plenty of freaky-ass shit on camera. After all, we know his motto...Y.O.L.O.

4. Kurtis Blow

Today, rap pioneer Kurtis Blow is a minister and devout Christian, so the odds of him appearing in a Spice on Request feature are absolutely non-existent. But, as the guy who currently covers "Rappers' Delight" while changing the lyrics to "and if your girl starts actin' up / then you talk it out - we're Christian," one could imagine a DVD of him approaching a provocatively dressed lonely girl, telling her to put more clothes on and try to convince her there's more to life than promiscuity. Softcore doesn't get much softer than that.Still, the name Kurtis Blow does sorta have a nice porn-y ring to it, no?

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