Guitarist For Post-Hardcore Band Fear Before Moves to Long Beach, Releases Super Mellow Solo Project

Photo courtesy of All Human
It's not often that talented musicians from successful out-of-town bands move into our jurisdiction, so imagine our surprise when we discovered that Adam Rupert Fisher, guitarist of post-hardcore juggernauts Fear Before the March of Flames, was not only working at a wine bar in Long Beach, but that he was releasing an album of mellowed-out songs under a new project called All Human.

All Human was once Fisher's name for some solo things he had written and recorded after Fear Before went on hiatus in 2009 (the band had by then dropped "the March of Flames" from its name). Without immediate plans to release the album, however, he moved to Long Beach on a whim last year and has since then kept a low profile, picking up shifts at music-friendly wine bar 4th St. Vine and quietly making friends with some local players in the hopes of eventually bringing All Human to life.

Two weeks ago -- more than a year after recording the album at various houses around Denver -- Fisher's one-time bedroom solo project was pressed and released as a full-length, titled Catholic Guilt or the Queerest of Thoughts. And last Thursday night, Fisher and the rest of the now-four-piece All Human played their second live show ever -- for their record release party at the Prospector in Long Beach.

With the album finally available and the first few nerve-wracking shows out of the way, All Human is gearing up for an upcoming stint on the Inked Music Tour (alongside Vampires Everywhere!, Alesana and In Fear And Faith), where Fear Before fans will likely flock to watch Fisher's anticipated new act. But what Fear Before fans probably won't know when watching their favorite hardcore songwriter sing and play keyboards to these songs is how his project came to be a product of Long Beach, the city whose music community embraced Fisher and made the last few months of All Human's forward momentum possible.

We sat down for some beers with All Human frontman Fisher the day before his record release show to talk about his move to SoCal, his finally-released album and his love of dogs. Check out our interview after the jump.

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OC Weekly (Sarah Bennett): So how the hell did you end up in Long Beach?

Adam Rupert Fisher: The opportunity to move here arose at a time when I was willing to go just about anywhere. I didn't know much about Long Beach--I had only been here one day ever. I had a buddy already living out here who had toured with Fear Before. My roommate had been planning on moving out here and I didn't really have anything keeping me in Colorado at the time.

But you already had the All Human album recorded? 

Yeah, I made this record in Colorado. There's a couple of songs that I intended to be Fear Before songs and we recorded them when we all lived together in the Fear Before house in Aurora. Coming out here didn't have anything to do with All Human or Fear Before, though--I just needed a change. I was going to pursue All Human wherever I was at, but I needed a change. I love Colorado and I miss it and I'll probably go back at some point, but for now I needed something way different. It got a little too comfortable. When Fear Before was a band, we all looked out for each other and there was someone who took care of all the adult stuff. It was too easy and I felt like I needed to grow up a little. I had two friends out here, which was cool, but I had to find a band and start from scratch and I think it was better that way.

What do you think of Long Beach now that you've been living here for a year?

It's definitely an interesting city. Moving out here and not really knowing anything about Long Beach--but knowing Southern California as Southern California and Los Angeles as L.A.--it's different. It's a lot more chill here, I think. Someone told me the first week I was here that it's a giant city with a small town vibe and it's totally true. I bumped into someone at the farmers market the other day and he was a friend who I toured with six years ago. It was really weird. We were picking out tomatoes and it's like, "Oh we went on tour together in 2006."

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