PHOTOS: How to Survive a Saturday Night in Downtown Fullerton

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LP Hastings / OC Weekly

The image of downtown Fullerton over the past several years has come to represent something very specific in the mind of the average weekend reveler. One could even argue that DTF is not as much of a place anymore as it is a state of mind--one you must strengthen through years of social irresponsibility, er, training. Because you can't go into the wild west of  the North County bar scene all willy-nilly. Every Friday and Saturday night, the gauntlet of cramped clubs, tattoo parlors, drunk bros, douche bag bouncers, and ticket-happy police officers awaits. Luckily, we've learned a few ways to help you  enjoy your sloshed, reprehensible activities like a pro in OC's favorite bastion of low-budget excess. See our full DTF slideshow nd see our mini survival guide to DTF after after the jump.

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DTF lines.jpg
LP Hastings / OC Weekly

In L.A., you need to be famous or super hot to cross the velvet ropes. In DTF, to get past the bright-orange line dividers and cut in front of a bunch of people, you pretty much just have to be a girl.

DTF douchebags1.jpg
LP Hastings / OC Weekly

Is it possible to floss a little hard while standing outside a club that's adjacent to a Wahoo's Fish Taco? Pitbull and Ricky Martin don't seem to think so.

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