Top Five Long Beach Dive Bars

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Joseph Lapin 
When it comes to dive bars, Long Beach has some of the best in Southern California.  An area stuck between Orange County and Los Angeles, Long Beach is truly its own city, belonging to no one.  An iconoclast.  A haven for cheap beer and wild stories.  And after spending many hours slaving over research -- ah um drinking and talking to bartenders -- we've compiled a list of the best dive bars.  While it was difficult to cut the list down to only five, I took into account look, smell, crowd, the price of drinks, and history.  So, barflies and wandering Beatniks/hipsters, I give you the top 5 dive bars in the LBC. 

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Joseph Lapin 

5. 36 36 Club

Known as the last-call bar, 36 36 Club on Broadway is the type of dive bar you end up when you can't remember how the hell you got there.  This dive boasts a glorious 1950s style sign, and it has been open for almost 40 years.  With pool tables, a Harley-Davidson pinball machine, and a set of windows so dark you might wonder if the bartenders are actually vampires, the 36 36 Club is the perfect place for mayhem on Broadway.  They even concoct their own drink; Pearl, a bartender who has been there for two years, called it the Jameson Mai Thai -- yes, a Polynesian-style mix made with whiskey.  

Outsiders Beware: The window facing the bar is called Channel 36 36.  It's where everyone sits and watches all the crazy shit happening on Broadway.  So don't make a fool out of yourself and think no one is watching. 

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The Stache 
4. The Stache Bar

Now, some dive-bar purists might disagree with The Stache Bar being called "divey," because they have hand-craft cocktails and microbrews.  But The Stache is one of the best bars in Long Beach, and you won't find a yuppie sitting around drinking a martini and running his mouth about Paul Ryan or a single window that lets in dreaded natural light -- unless it's the beer by the same name.  And like every great dive bar, you'll find a pool table -- the sweet blue felt is like the skin of the Na'vi from Avatar.  Though the best part of the Stache Bar is the quality of craft cocktails you'll get for $8.  They make amazing drinks with ginger beer and absinthe, but the drink that probably defines The Stache is the Old Fashioned.  Plus, it's served with one giant ice cube.  

Outsiders Beware: Don't wear a tie.  

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