Dave Attell on the In's and Out's of Porn Music.

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Dave hearts porn.

Comedian Dave Attell is adored by fans worldwide and for good reason. Open like a naughty picture book in an adult library, his analogies play out like a rule book on wit and his raw style of humor makes even the dirtiest of dirty blush. Best of all, there is nothing you can do to stop it and why would you want to? Simply said, Dave Attell's stand-up is like a freight train of hilarity.

With his Showtime series "Dave's Old Porn" gearing up for a new season November 8th, we thought we'd flip the script on him before he headlines at the Brea Improv this weekend (October 12th and 13th). We figured since Dave's porn knowledge is so vast and we are not called "PC" Weekly for a reason, who better to throw some songs out to and find out if they could or couldn't work in a porn flick. So that's the game. Let's play.

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OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): So Dave, music and porn go hand in hand...pun intended. You should be a natural at this.

Dave Attell: Like Gangnam Style? That just sounds porny to me. The international dance craze. I didn't know they had that in South Korea. I'm usually bad with music but I will try my best. Let's do it.

OK here we go. "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails.

Attell: That would be really good for a goth punk rock kind of porn. Definitely a lot of gagging and choking. More hardcore you know? It's not a love song that's for sure. More of an S&M, bondage, you know, some fish hooking kind of stuff. I'd say that's good porn.

Fish hooking? That's a thing? Wow. How about going polar opposite with "Careless Whisper" by George Michael?

Too slow. That one is more of a post porn watching song. You know, where you just kind of feel empty or wistful. More of a self-masturbation but I think if you masturbate to that you have a problem. I haven't masturbated to it but I've lit a candle to it. People always make fun of porn music but there is a reason it's like that. It needs a good strong beat to match the sex. Porn without good music is like a rodeo without a corn dog. It doesn't work. It doesn't feel right.

Point taken. Well "Brick House" by The Commodores is a little faster. Would that work?

That's not bad. It's really good for retro too. It's funky and it's got a lot of horns in there and that is great. Anything that sounds sexy like horns or heavy duty beats help out. The Commodores, that's a good one.

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