Datsik Firepower Tour - Yost Theater - Monday October 22, 2012 [with VIDEO]

Alejandra Loera / OC Weekly
Datsik at the Yost Theater

Datsik Firepower Tour
October 22, 2012
Yost Theater

Last night Canadian dubstep prodigy Datsik brought his Firepower Records Tour to the Yost Theater in downtown Santa Ana. Datsik, better known as Troy Beetles, has already signed famed dubstep producers like Delta Heavy, Terravita, Bare Noize, XKore and DJ Getter after only launching the label earlier this year. They are currently on their debut tour packing an extra 50,000 watts of PK sound to every venue. This special 18-and-over event boasted bass heavy sounds from Datsik, Terravita, XKore, DJ Getter and The Firm thanks to San Diego promoters LED Presents and The Yost Theater.

Bass music pioneers Matt Simmers, Jon Spero and Chris Barlow, who make up Terravita, threw down a sick hour-long DJ set which incorporated an MC not only hyping up the crowd, but also rapping the vocals of many songs in true drum and bass form. Terravita has been bringing bass music and now dubstep to EDM fans for over 10 years incorporating elements of hip hop and even rock into EDM. They're high-energy and well-seasoned stage presence really made a difference and stole the show as they spliced everything from Genuiwine's "Pony" to their own original mixes like "Lockdown." Proving that you don't need fancy lasers or LED walls (the black curtains were covering Datsik's "Vortex" and allowed limited lights during their set) to make a crowd go wild. Pure talent, stage presence and sick remixes like their Prodigy "Smack My Bitch Up," dub version were all the young crowd needed to rage.

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Alejandra Loera / OC Weekly
Datsik and his "Vortex"

Perhaps because Halloween weekend is just around the corner, or because the event was changed from a Saturday to a Monday the attendance was not as sold out as the recent Porter Robinson and Zedd Poseidon Tour. Yet, sold out or not the dance floor was packed with true bass lovers going nuts on the dance floor. We saw everything from mosh-pits to kids getting kicked out for raging too hard. Also, lots of fellow dubstep peers and friends were in attendance like Smog Records' Flinch, J Rabbit and Dim Mak's Dan Sena. Dubstep and other big bass heavy shows are turning more into concert-like events instead of these club-like shows and require a lot of logistics and planning to see the vision through.

The Firepower Records Tour features a unique "Vortex" DJ booth that utilizes innovative real-time 3D-mapping technology created by V Squared Labs. When Datsik came on a little after midnight the sound was noticeably twice as loud and banged so hard the ceiling was falling into the crowd and VIP. As he played songs like his collaboration with Excision "Guess I Got My Swagger Back" the visuals created a symbiosis of Datsik's dirty dubstep with the psychedelicness of the "Vortex." He incorporated some trapstyle elements by dropping songs like Tupac's "California Love" and Baauer's "Dum Dum" which actually had the crowd more excited than the usual womp womp womp of his dubstep tracks. The bass was pounding so hard it sent tremors up your spine as we sat in the VIP balcony to get a different view. His crowd surfing and what seemed like a five second encore however, were a little unimpressive.

Personal Bias: Something about Datsik's stage presence and energy didn't seem to convince me however, it seems like he's an extremely talented producer that is still mastering working a crowd without having to tell them to put their fucking hands up every other song.

The Crowd: Lots of young kids, bass heads and very few VIP clients. Not to mention all the cool industry homies in the dubstep community.

Overheard in the Crowd: It was so impossible to hear anyone over the loud bass that we actually had to text friends standing right next to us.

Random Notebook Dump: Sometimes it feels like we are on tour just like these DJs and producers making it really hard to ignite any rage after a crazy weekend on a Monday!

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Datsik definitely was on point with the grimey filthy bass and wobbles all night! Only gripe is that the Yost building just couldn't handle the epic 50,000W system and asbestos falling from the roof got all up in my hair. That's probably why a lot of dub-steppers rock bro trucker hats to shows.

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