10 Best Hipster Halloween Costumes From the Growlers' Beach Goth Party

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growlers ghost.jpg
Matt Oliver / OC Weekly

Over the weekend, the Growlers' Beach Goth Party blessed us with the union of two amazing things...Halloween and a day on the playa. In celebration of their newly-released album Hung at Heart, the OC psych/surf tribe brought out a slew of bands to the Observatory including Audacity, Thee Raincats, Tomorrow's Tulips and many more. Despite not having actual sand between our toes during the show (Santa Ana is a long way from Trestles, bro), the gothic vibe was definitely in full effect. With a wide array of mask-wearing blood-spattered, gimmicky guises, we saw a spooky side of hipsterdom that certainly warrants a recap--and trust us, it's not just a whole bunch of shots of zombies with ironic mustaches. Here are some of the best ones we saw. All images by Matt Oliver. See the rest of this slide show here.

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growlers 7.jpg

Dig out your old headdress from Coachella and BAM! Instant costume!

growlers 3.jpg

This dude came as drunk Santa Claus...looks like he told the naughty boy behind him that his Christmas giftcard to Buffalo Exchange has been bumped from $50 down to $20.

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