Video: Chapman's GLOWbal Charity Bash Goes Big, Several Students Hospitalized

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Chapman Invisible Children's Facebook
Photo from last year's GLOWbal

Rarely do you hear us talking about drunken mischief at Chapman that doesn't involve students running around in their underwear. But last Saturday's packed GLOWbal event sponsored by a university charity and Chapman Radio inside the Harold Hutton Sports Center grabbed plenty of attention when the massive party of over 1,000 attendees ended with several students hospitalized for alcohol intoxication along a handful of alcohol violations involving underage Panthers.

Recently, a video of last weekend's glow-in-the-dark bacchanal was thrown on YouTube, chronicling the rave-like atmosphere (and yes--a few people in their underwear). See it after the jump.

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Chapman's Invisible Children club hosted GLOWbal with the university's radio station to raise money for the children of Central East Africa, including scholarships rehab centers for child soldiers--a noble effort to be sure. Their plan was to throw an EDM party with local DJs where throngs of students dressed in white and neon could come to dance and swap kandi bracelets, cell phone numbers, and saliva for a good cause. Charging $10 pre-sale and $15 general admission, they'd raised $13,000 dollars for Invisible Children, far surpassing their goal of $3,000. But although Chapman managed to keep most of the half-nakedness indoors for a change, it didn't take long before things got a little out of hand.

Orange County Fire Department was called in and several students were promptly taken to the hospital due to high levels of intoxication. Public Safety Sgt. Bill Herrin says as many as four cases of alcohol violations occurred by 10:30 p.m., a higher number than last year's event, according to a story in the Panther. With 1,200 tickets sold, it's obvious Chapman students were successful in helping Invisible Children financially, but it's probably not the best PR look for the charity, don't you agree? If you were there, give us your insight about how things went down last weekend.

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"but it's probably not the best PR look for the charity, don't you agree?" - Nope. That's barely .5% - And I'm betting the hospitalizations were over-reactions to someone being dehydrated, but because public safety noticed they had to do something.


 @Waylandprod You can argue percentages, sure. But as we've seen before, how many people does it take to get hospitalized, hurt or even just complain to put a cool event in jeopardy or overshadow a positive cause? Sometimes it's just one.


 @peyoteplayers I'm sure there are injuries in walks like race for the cure and other active fund raisers as well, twisted ankles, shin splints, etc... Of course those are par for the event, and because these are alcohol related it makes this different. However, knowing how public safety responds, all it takes is someone to throw up to get sent to the hospital as a precaution. Is it a big deal? In my opinion, no.

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