Top Five Most Outrageous 2 Chainz Lines

4. Slangin' Birds

"You're not ill-er I'm Godzilla on Hard Liquor / My Penny Loafers had nickels."

If you choose to become involved in hip-hop, you can approach the way you conduct and create your verbal threats, boasts, and brags various ways. 2 Chainz has just decided to brush all the usual approaches to the side, and just go all out. You can't best 2 Chainz, because he's a drunken dinosaur ripped straight from Japanese monster movies, with extremely extravagant dress shoes. If the rap game was Japan viewed through the lens of Toho Studios, helpless rappers could do nothing but scream and run as they looked into the sky to see a colossal Louboutin red bottom crashing down on them.

3. Murder

"Take her ass like a burglar / Then I put her on the loud and feed her turkey burgers."

2 Chainz' obsession with the opposite sex will almost always get the best of him. The sight of a big booty has the potential to bring his vocabulary's operating level down to only being able to utter out, uh, "big booty." He will get drunk off of women, and have a threesome in which he will play the role of mixologist and use one girl as a shot and the other as a chaser. When he is in love with you and he's "penetrating," he will make love to you like a "chemist" -- whatever that means. At worst, he will strike when you're not looking and steal you away in the style of Silence of the Lambs antagonist Buffalo Bill and keep you on a constant rotation of powerfully potent weed and (hopefully) delicious turkey burgers.

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