Nocturnal Wonderland: Our Recap From A to Z

Oliver Scherillo / OC Weely
Nocturnal Wonderland

Nocturnal Wonderland
Sept 22 - 23, 2012
NOS Events Center

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Over the weekend the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino was transformed into a magical Alice and Wonderland electronic dance music themed festival filled with five different stages, interactive art installations, pyrotechnics, themed performers and thousands of EDM fans dressed the part. Giving Disneyland a run for it's money, Insomniac Events created Nocturnal Wonderland for it's 17th annual journey down the rabbit hole and we are breaking down the two day event from A-Z with the good, the bad and the plain bad ass!

A - is for Axwell who rocked the shit out of the Labyrinth Main Stage closing out Friday night. With mash-ups like ASOL and Dyro's "Top of the World" vs. Wippenberg's "Pony" vs. Tommy Trash's remix of Aston Shuffle's "Won't Get Lost" the stage was in full rage mode. Though we heard Sebastian Ingrosso's set was pretty similar we give it up to the Swedes for knowing how get a party dancing and producing some of the sickest tracks of the season like "Greyhound" and "Don't You Worry Child."

Oliver Scherillo / OC Weely
12th Planet at the Sunken Garden

B - is for Bass, and we wish it was for good reasons. The sound systems were noticeably missing lots of bass and we hear it was due to noise complaints from the neighbors and new city regulations. Though the main stage could have been turned up a notch the Sunken Garden hosted by Bassrush filled most of our heart pounding drop desires with sets from the always incredible 12th Planet and legendary Andy C.

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NOS Events Center

689 S. E. St., San Bernardino, CA

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No offence, but haven't you ever been to a festival before? Most if not all artists have to play a watered down/mainstream set with some of there og hits in order to expand there following. If all a dj did was play the tunes that got them where they are, then they would only have the same audience they began with. It honestly does bug me a little also, but I learned that festivals are for the entire experience, not just one artist. I bet you he will play a similar set in NY $100. Your best bet is a club where your dj is headlining is where he will play more too the fans who all want to here that Dj.


Ps: Pretty lights was dope and should of closed that stage. And how does a Dj with a light show not belong at a so called rave?


I am disappointed with this review. First you talked about how bad Fedde Le Grand's set was and that he only played "Top 40 hits" and a terrible version of "Apologize," which happened to be the newest Swedish phenom Jakob Liedholm's remix that was played on Pete Tong's Radio 1 show. Plus you just forgot to mention how much the crowd got down to his Paradise remix and his collaboration with Nicky Romero in Sparks... Secondly, you actually called Pretty Lights 'them.' You clearly missed the fact that HE is just one person, and absolutely belongs at any electronic festival. And finally, you didn't even mention Alesso, who had very possibly the best set of the entire festival.


 @wwww oh ya and just because that apologize remix was premiered on Pete Tong's radio show does not make it a good one <3


 @wwww I said "Beatport Top 40" which means the same recycled top songs on beatport that everyone else plays including three songs which Morgan Page had just played and a couple which Alesso played after! You OBVIOUSLY did not see him at EDC or you would have known it was the EXACT same set. I HAVE BEEN GETTING DOWN TO THAT PARADISE REMIX SINCE I SAW HIM AT ULTRA IN MIAMI. That's why it was a snooze fest. I like Fedde and my expectations where high because he is a great DJ and producer and I absolutely HATE when they dumb down their sets to the OC/LA crowd. They are supposed to be educating you on good music not playing what they think you want to hear. But I will still give him another chance at SENSATION NY and if he doesn't play some tech I will be very as you put it "disappointed."


And don't even get me started on Alesso! Same thing as Surrender... even though EDC was much better it was the same shit at Nocturnal. Like I said... snooze fest and Beatport Top 40 mash ups. Thank you though for the Pretty Lights correction. I never said I didn't like him, I just feel like you have to be really high or on something to enjoy that kind of thing at a festival with all the other crazy energy going on. I don't do either so I preferred seeing him in a more concert like atmosphere or say Coachella. :)

pmisa 2 Like

cant believe the neighbours would complain about the noise. Doesn't this festival bring in some good money into the town, and its only till 2am. geeze. But thanks for the good review.

garyroyale topcommenter

Higher ticket prices means more dancing room for the rest of us! Also that Super 8 motel was designated for partying. The manager knocked on our door and we expected him to tell us to end it, but instead he just asked us to turn down the bass.

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