Get Ready For a New Fall Season with Five Unforgettable TV Themes

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ducktales opening.jpg
The "Duck Tales" opening, much more than a "Duck Blur."

This week marks the official beginning of television's new fall season. If history's anything to go by, we're probably going to get at least one memorable opening theme that will capture a moment and live on for years to come. In anticipation, we at the Weekly decided to take a look back at how every five years has produced some of the most memorable television themes ever broadcast.

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Duck Tales 1987

It's been a full quarter-century since the "Duck Tales" theme first hit the airwaves, and we're all the better for it. A catchy original earworm that explains the basic plot, accompanied by the type of action-packed comedic visuals kids crave, make it among the most treasured minutes of nostalgic bliss for anyone fortunate enough to have it as part of their childhood.

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 1992

Sometimes the point of an opening theme isn't necessarily to lay out the plot of a show, but rather to effectively sum up its leading star. When viewers caught this first glimpse of Mark Curry's "Mr. Cooper" character 20 years ago, the sly self-awareness of having a theme and smooth R&B harmonies really stuck-out amongst the 1992 fall line-up. As the character evolved, the theme music changed, but your never forget your first time with "Mr. Cooper."

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