Top Five "Sesame Street" Musical Cameos You Didn't Know Existed

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The Man in Black and the Muppet in Green

Yesterday, children's television staple "Sesame Street" entered its 43rd season. Along with providing groundbreaking educational programming that kids have been able to watch with their parents for decades, the show's also provided some of the most surprising musical television cameos in history. With the disarming nature of muppets allowing us to see a different side of some of our favorite artists, we at the Weekly decided to take a look back at the top five "Sesame Street" cameos you may not be aware of.

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5. Johnny Cash - "Nasty Dan" 1973

The "Man in Black" stopped by "Sesame Street" during its fifth season to play a few selections from his children's album. While the episode had a theme of mistaken identity, there's no substitute for Cash keeping his cool, even next to Oscar the Grouch.

4. Spin Doctors - "Two Princes" 1996

A few years (and successful shaves) after Spin Doctors' "Two Princes" dominated the radio, the group cleaned-up almost unrecognizably for their appearance on "Sesame Street." Here they rewrite their biggest hit to teach us all an important lesson about sharing with others.

3. Goo Goo Dolls - "Pride" 2000

Johnny Rzeznik and the boys went from dizzying-up-the-girl to fuzzying-up-the-muppet when they appeared on the show in 2000. Joined by the beloved muppet Elmo near the height of his crossover popularity, the Dolls rework their hit "Slide" to reflect the "Pride" of being a good little monster.

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