Rock the Bells Day 2 - NOS Events Center - 8/19/12

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Rock the Bells Day 2
NOS Events Center

Rock the Bells 2012 has come and gone, and with sunken, swollen eyes and sleep-deprived bodies and brains we can say we're both saddened to see it vanish into our memories and ecstatic about all the possibilities of next year. This year had some phenomenal performers, a high-enough temperature to roast some food in, and plenty of press-tent water to keep us hydrated, and for that we're thankful to the NOS Events Center and Guerilla Union for the experience and the darker shades of skin. We will rinse and repeat around the same time next year, but until then here's what is going to stand out when he think of this year's Rock the Bells. Biggest Blunder: Chief Keef's No-Show
Chief Keef, M.I.A. at Rock the Bells

Well-aimed, but misappropriated anger via bottles, chants, and yells. An unruly crowd. An atmosphere so thick and tactile the sweat on your face seems to be the outside sun relieving itself. Chief Keef, that's the shit we don't like.

We don't know exactly why, but for whatever reason the Chicago buzz-catcher was unable to show up last night at Rock the Bells, and virtually everyone outside of the few people waiting for Kid Ink seemed to be vehemently pissed off. Suga Free couldn't handle or please the crowd, and neither could some by-the-books DJing -- people wanted their Keef, and they wanted him at that exact moment. The promoters can't really have on the blame placed on them, as they seemed to handled things back there very well, but nothing will be able to replace that early evening disappointment of ours with memories of swinging dreadlocks and throngs of people exploding to "I Don't Like." 

Impromptu Save of the Day: YG & DJ Mustard

YG, we appreciate your efforts.

We can't say we listen to that much YG -- though he's an entertaining listen sometimes -- but we've reached a whole new level of respect with the 22-year-old star. Before he came on stage alongside his producer/DJ DJ Mustard, the crowd for Chief Keef seemed willing to strangle Suga Free with his own perm. Though YG wasn't there to play all these avant-garde, mind-bending originals, his short set of radio and club stalwarts such as the so-subtly titled "Bitches Ain't Shit" seemed to lift up and jostle around the crowd. YG, we can officially forgive you for "Toot It and Boot It."

Best Way to Pass the Time: The Xbox Tent


Rock the Bells had several different booths and places to hand over your money. There were the usual suspects of merchandising booths, places to buy pipes (for all that roll-ready tobacco people brought, right?), machines that looked like giant fan-powered washer-dryer units that apparently shot out water and cooled people down, and areas to purchase candy and tampons. The festival grounds even housed an awkward trailer where you could drink free Coca-Cola, listen to terrible music, and punch a small punching bag.  We can't say why we think filling up on unhealthy loads of corn syrup would be a good idea, but apparently it sounded ingenious to some of those rushing in.

Our favorite of the night and weekend has to be the Xbox tent though, mainly due to the fact that it just made so much sense. In order to escape from the stresses of bouncing around the venue -- whether to wait or to wander -- or the fact that it was about a hundred degrees outside, you could just go under a nice little tented area, get your gamer on, and relax a bit.

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