Miley Cyrus Calls Anaheim Resident a "Fucking Creep" on Twitter

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Looks who's rocking the molest-ache now...

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Note to self: Whenever you decide you want to collect a few more social media followers, Telling a pop star and their fans to eat your dick on Twitter is sure to get you noticed.

Despite the fact that she was pwned in epic fashion by a "swatting prank" on Wednesday that delivered a swarm of armed authorities to her front door, the focus of Cyrus' disdain yesterday was a mustachioed Anaheim man who decided to start a little beef in 140 characters or less.

It all started with a guy who tweets under the name @joseschrute, who called Cyrus a "stupid ho" for sharing a captivating twitpic of her "Fiance jeans" (she's engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth). It was a seemingly routine pattern for each considering their Twitter habits--she (a pop star) posts pictures of a lot of dumb shit, he (just some dude) talks a lot of dumb shit on others.

But Cyrus took this tweet to heart. She quickly posted this response which soon had @joseschrute's wall teeming with hate from "Party in the U.S.A." fans.

miley tweet.jpg

The gauntlet was officially thrown down.

The next several hours turned into a shootout between @joseschrute and every Cyrus fan from here to China. But despite the deluge of whiny, angry replies from fans, the rogue Twitter fiend showed that he, like his mustache, could rise (and curl) to the occasion.


Occasionally he was able to dole out some practical everyday advice to those in need:

schrute 2.jpg

Eventually, @joseschrute did apologize and even asked Cyrus to "retrieve her hounds." But all the brief attention did earn him 150 followers yesterday. And on a side note, we're pretty sure the phrase "molest-ache" was trending for a while.

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I had a funny exchange with Dana White. Where do I submit it?


Let's hope Miley hooks up with MacCauley Culkin for some heroin good times!


I despise her. She gets what she deserves for dressing like a slut.


Get over it people. It's Twitter. 

ltpar topcommenter

jose, a dirt bag by any other name is still a dirt bag.  That adequately describes your foul mouth.  Sounds like you need a good butt kicking?

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @ltpar If you want to kick his ass, he posted his home address. Go ahead, find him: I'm sure he'll say hola to you!


 @ltpar Why is he a dirt bag? You love Miley so much you're willing to kick some but for her? She pole danced at a kids awards show... she constantly is shown in unsavory pics and encounters - what is that teaching our children? I think Jose is on the money.

ltpar topcommenter



I have professionally dealt with ass holes like jose all my adult life and adjusted their attitudes where appropriate. Now, I am retired and the younger guys are tuning up the ass holes.  To get me back in action would take more than a dirty talking punk bitching about some teen age country singer.  With his attitude and mouth, I am confident jose already gets an ass kicking from someone on a regular basis.  Such is life.  

ltpar topcommenter


 Sorry mer, while I do like country music,  I am not a fan of either Miley or her Dad.  I just do not like envious people, who wouldn't make a pimple on someone elses ass, talking trash about them.  Since Miley is both popular and successful and has more money than all of us combined, anything she does is subject to review under a microscope and cheap shots from all quarters.  That is the price of fame, but still doesn't make it right?  If it were your daughter Jose was commenting about, you would probably feel differently?  Jose, the trash mouth, is so far out of the money he will never be able to even smell it.  

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