HARD Summer vs. Nocturnal Wonderland--Which One is Better?

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Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

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Summer may be nearing its end, but there is one more key EDM festival match up to be settled: this weekend's Hard Summer vs. Nocturnal Wonderland in September. Again we have two different festivals, with two different approaches to their combination of  EDM gods and indie rock acts. So if we had to choose one, which would it be? As always, everything about these events has to be taken into consideration. Both festivals are two days and cost a pretty penny. Location is key as well as parking, headliners, styles of music, the crowd (who do you really want to party with?) and production value.

1. The Venue

I Love This City_MattOliver.jpg
Matt Oliver/OC Weekly
Where do you want to rage?

Nocturnal Wonderland: The NOS Events Center isn't quite a far-away oasis, nor is it a gigantic warehouse, but it's the go to choice for a chunk of Insomniac's major events in Southern California. Many memories from massives past (i.e. almost all thebig Nocturnal events since the early '00s) are held dear here, but the place is starting to feel a little stale and we think it's definitely time to change of scenery.

Hard Summer: The Los Angeles Historic Park is in the heart of Downtown LA, which brings for an urban experience filled with sky scrapers in the distance (perfect for staring at when faded) and many historic landmarks and, of course, plenty of classy metropolitan folk.

Winner: Hard Summer

2. Headliners

Matt Oliver/OC Weekly
"Wub Wub Whooomp Whooomp!" - Skrillex 

Nocturnal Wonderland: Insomniac works on a no headliner format because the fans are the biggest headliner, as CEO Pasquale Rotella preaches. With this company priority, Insomniac can keep it's origin intact without selling out with having names like Tiesto, Kaskade, Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia to sell tickets. After all, the true fan and lover of music knows how to have a good time regardless of who's on stage, as long as they're sound is worthy. Still, it's not like Nocturnal is without it's big guns (i.e. 12th Planet, Above & Beyond and John Digweed to name a few).

Hard Summer: HARD uses the traditional rock format that includes getting a bunch of huge ass acts including: Skrillex, Nero, Bloc Party and Boys Noize. With demi-god Skrillex at the helm, one can only anticipate thousands of half shaven heads paired with faux glasses. Hipster heaven will be presented in Downtown LA with live performances from Bloc Party, Mike Snow and Nero. This is gonna be an all out rage fest, but doubtful PLUR law will be enforced.

Winner: Nocturnal Wonderland

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