Eric Prydz & Audrey Napoleon - Yost Theater - 8/16/2012

Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz
Yost Theater
August 16, 2012

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Last night the legendary Swedish producer/DJ Eric Prydz made a unique visit to Orange County at the electronic dance music mecca, Yost Theater in Santa Ana. Prydz who is known for his fear of flying on top of his chart topping hits and underground anthems, enlightened OC with what it's like to be a world renowned DJ without needing to play the mainstream hits and hard hitting bangers all night long. Unfortunately on a Wednesday night the Yost was not packed or wrapping lines around the block like at other of it's EDM events as of late, but this just meant more dancing room for the passionate Prydz fans who invaded the dance floor as soon as he came on.

Jumping on a tour bus for the second annual Identity Festival, the first touring EDM fest in North America, Prydz is joined by Audrey Napoleon and a slew of other young electro pounding DJs and producers. Napoleon served as the supporting act for Prydz last night and when it came to getting people on the dance floor moving she surely delivered. She incorporated songs like Pascal & Pearce's "Disco Sun" with tracks from her current EP Ornamental Egos. Combining techno with electro to create her signature underground pop sound, Napoleon was creative with her song selections and knew exactly what the crowd was ready for. Her set was abruptly cut short during her last song as some idiot pulled the fire alarm and cut the entire sound. By now, the dance floor had filled up and everyone was armed with large glow sticks in hand and ready to do the Pryda.

Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
Eric Prydz at the Yost Theater

After a couple minutes of awkward silence Prydz emerged behind the decks a few minutes before 12 a.m. and graced OC with his presence. Opening with the piano-like notes of the Pryda "Viro" intro the crowd cheered, screamed and whistled in excitement as if they knew they were being graced by the sounds of a musical genius. His laid back demeanor and signature Yankees backwards cap were not meant to mislead you as he took us on a journey through dance music like we've never experienced before (except I did and probably many other fans did as well at the Palladium show a couple weeks prior). The Yost was refreshing this evening filled with real dance music fans and not young bandwagon EDM wannabees. The sexy go-go dancers wore an Indian headdress channeling the Eric Prydz "Pjanoo" music video, with a lot less clothing of course.

The LED walls weren't in it's usual heavy rotation yet still displayed the Eric Prydz logo for all to praise. He mixed his own edits and remixes of songs of last year like Carl Kennedy & Tommy Trash's vocally infused "Blackwater" with his infamous M83 remix of "Midnight City." Everyone sang along and felt the magic that had ensued. While making us wait for what seemed like eternity for him to drop songs like "Pjanoo" and "2Night" Prydz did a seamless job splicing them along with hits like Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus." His musical journey made us scream, laugh, cry and reminisce all in a mere 90 minutes. Not only did he make everyone dance but he knew exactly how to channel emotions in our hearts. The energy in the room may not have been as epic as the Palladium show last month, but the music was still on point and mind altering as ever.

Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
Crowd at Yost

Critics Bias: Having seen Prydz at the Palladium and downloaded all of his major essentials mixes, sets in Ibiza and Epic Radio podcast, I was already well aware of the favorites he likes to incorporate into his sets, but was happily pleased with some new edits and songs he threw in to throw us all off a little.

The Crowd: Mostly real electronic dance music fans, some club whores and lots of OC ragers where in the house. Few industry peeps where also in attendance.

Overheard in the Crowd: "If I could give birth to a Pryda baby I would go into labor right now!"

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