Doheny Surf Festival Day 2 - Doheny State Beach - 8/12/12

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Jackie Connor
The crowd raises their glasses at the Doheny Surf Festival on Sunday August 12th, 2012.

As the second day of the first annual Doheny Surf Festival commenced, so did the swell, the music and the island vibes. The smell of sunscreen and coconut oil lingered in the air over the beach and tents stocked with Polynesian jewelry, surf art and board shorts of all materials began to slowly break down for the evening as headliners Common Sense, Fishbone and Everlast prepared to wrap up the weekend. It'll be less than a month before we're back on these shores again for the massive Doheny Days festival in September featuring the Flaming Lips, Jane's Addiction, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and more. But as far as last night is concerned, experience the best of what we saw on the beach after the jump.

Quietest Surfer: John Peck

john peck.jpg
Jackie Connor
Legendary surfer John Peck paddles out to Doheny at the Doheny Surf Festival on Sunday August 12th, 2012.
While the voice of the festival announcer blared obnoxiously through the speakers and the crowd mixed and mingled on the beach throwing up the occasional "shakka brah's," legendary surfer John Peck slid through the crowd mostly undetected. One of the first to tackle the ever-challenging break known as Pipeline on the north shore of O'ahu, Peck now strolls down to Doheny, the polar opposite of Pipe. While stand-up paddleboarders savagely tore apart the water, Peck stared off into the distance with singlefin under arm in a calm meditative gaze and the chiseled body of grey-haired Jesus as waves poured in to shore.

Oldest crowd: First Rodeo

first rodeo.jpg
Jackie Connor
First Rodeo plays old school rock tunes at the Doheny Surf Festival Sunday August 12th, 2012. 
Unless you're older and more a bit more refined or just  an American Pie/M.I.L.F. fanatic, you might feel out of place with First Rodeo's crowd. The band sounds a cross between Kansas and Free, with strong, killer vocals and guitar shredding that tempted the inner-air guitarist of just about everyone on the front row.  Although getting winks from guys old enough to be my dad sent my air-guitarist packing...really quick.

Best Reggae Vibes: Zhen

Jackie Connor
Zehn plays with all smiles at the Doheny Surf Festival on Sunday August 12, 2012.

As if by some divine magic, this Carson-based island singer and his band managed to pull everyone out of the shade and/or ocean to do a little hip-shaking, two-stepping and singing about island life. Kids and adults tripping on the aloha spirit danced and smiled right along with Zhen, who beaming under his fedora through his entire set. Those were some good island vibes, right?

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