Christina Aguilera And Yum! Brands Team Up To Fight Hunger. Seriously?

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In what could be labeled as a cruel twist in irony or an amazing coincidence, Christina Aguilera is teaming up with Yum! Brands (parent company of Pizza Hut, KFC and Irvine's own Taco Bell) to film a new PSA for the company's World Hunger Relief effort that benefits the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and other hunger relief agencies. Yes, you read correctly.

"I'm excited about my new PSA for Yum! Brands' World Hunger Relief effort this fall using my voice for good to help feed millions of children who go to bed hungry every night," the hostess of The Voice says in a statement. "I hope to inspire others to use their voice for good and move millions of people from hunger to hope."

Aguilera seems like a very nice lady whose heart is in the right place, but I can't see this working. After all, aren't these the same companies that are contributing to obesity in our country by serving fast food that's known for being unhealthy? 

On one hand it's nice that Aguilera is using her celebrity to battle a serious issue like hunger.  It's one of the biggest issues that is plaguing our country right now, especially with the economic downturn. Again, coming from the sources, would you trust the message that both she and the companies involved are selling. I sure don't. After all, we can see over the years that Christina hasn't suffered from an empty stomach in quite a while.

Throughout music history, artists have lent their names and even put on concerts to combat an issue. Look at George Harrison's Concert For Bangladesh or even the Beastie Boys' Tibetan Freedom Concerts, both of which raised a lot of money for their causes. This PSA seems like both the singer and mega corporation are taking the easy way out by producing a video that won't take that long to make in order for it to appear as if they're really trying to do something instead of actually doing something.

If the corporations truly cared about fighting hunger, they wouldn't go through the song and dance of making this video. Instead, both parties would be out on the streets serving food to people in need. Yes that's probably a bit ambitious but it would be more effective.

People in this country know that hunger is a big problem. A PSA isn't changing anything and the money used to make this video would be served on helping create a solution instead of merely talking about it. It would be more impressive if both parties joined forces to put together a telethon or a live televised concert that would be broadcasted on a major network. Now that's more of a solution than what the two parties have proposed. Makes too much sense to actually happen, right?

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What an ugly article. Charity PSA's are made to create wide awareness & lead to people caring about issues and donating. How ridiculous to insinuate that food companies shouldn't have campaigns to raise money for hunger relief. There is zero logic to it. Eating greasy, unhealthy food is a choice and a birthright. I'm pretty sure McDonalds  raises millions for various charities - maybe they should abstain, because their 'cuisine' isn't exactly trimming.  I'm well fed - should I starve myself in sympathy or something, before donating money to that cause. Should only anorexics promote hunger campaigns? Should only people who have had cancer donate to cancer charities?  At least these companies are trying to do something. By the way, this campaign is at least two years old - I remember seeing a poster for it (featuring Aguilera) in a KFC two years ago, along with a very full donation tin. Maybe I should have saved my coins, since I was there to eat greasy chicken.  I just don't get this article at all. Don't go criticizing people for trying to do something positive. It just shows that the writer has a dreadfully mean-spirited nature. You should go and donate a days salary to make amends. Shameful.


Signed up just to say this.  


Daniel Kohn, if you plan on writing another article about Christina Aguilera, please do your research first or at least be unbiased and a little less hateful.



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