Top Five Musical Impressions From Comedian Pablo Francisco

No music genre is safe!

Based on looks alone, few people would peg Pablo Francisco as the voice of celebrity culture--until he opens his mouth. With a list of impressions more than a mile long-- from R&B singers and John Travolta to the Allstate Insurance guy and Aaron Neville--some might wonder if there's any famous person this vocal shape shifter can't emulate. But he doesn't just list his impressions to the stars, but to entire musical genres. It's a skill that only a  comedy-seeking You Tube sifters usually take the time to truly appreciate.

 A veteran of TV sitcoms, variety shows and Comedy Central specials, the comic is no stranger to OC (he filmed his 2004 stand-up DVD Bits and Pieces in Irvine) and is a regular on the Improv comedy circuit. Francisco is once again bringing his act  to the Brea Improv (August 2nd- 5th) and while you can never be sure what he'll do live, we picked five of our favorite Francisco musical impressions to get you warmed up for his riotous return to OC.

5. Mexican Music

Something that makes Pablo so entertaining has got to be his bits on music. And while he can deliver perfection on many genres, his gift of riffing on Mexican music is second to none. Spot on with the sound effects, Pablo could probably record an actual Mexican music album and it would be a hit. (Hint hint)

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