Coachella Jumps On Board the Floating Festival Trend, But is This New Cruise a Sinker?

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The S. S. Coachella Flyer

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Yesterday the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival promoters announced they will be setting sail on a new festival titled the S. S. Coachella as early as this December 16th - 19th in the Bahamas and Jamaica December 19th - 23rd. With other music festivals cruises like Hard's Holy Ship and Groove Cruise already sold out it only made sense that Coachella would capitalize on their brand and bring their festivals to the high sea as well, or does it?

The line-up is nowhere near as good as the Coachella line-ups (which have been getting worse and worse throughout the years) and in a way left fans a little confused. "Why does this even have the Coachella name" tweeted fans and posted comments on the new Facebook Page. It seems more like a way for Goldenvoice to profit on the already popular Coachella brand rather than bring together like minded people on a festival cruise experience that moves and changes lives.

Sounding more like S.S. Hipster Hell with acts like Pulp, Hot Chip, Warpaint, Black Lips, Girl Talk and James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, this festival seems a lot like the already popular Holy Ship who tweeted and Facebooked "Often imitated never duplicated" yesterday after the announcement. For the same hefty $500 price tag you get twice as many artist like Justice, Boys Noize, Knife Party, Major Lazer, Diplo, A-Trak, Scream & Benga, Busy P, Zedd, 12th Planet and more on the Holy Ship. They also do a themed party on the beach on a private island in the Bahamas on top of all of the luxury cruise amenities.

Rocking boat cruises that stick to one genre of music like the heavy metal Barge to Hell festival cruise and the dance music festival Groove Cruise seem to do well with the fans for almost a decade now as have music festivals in general. With a Coachella boat cruise in the Winter and two weekends in the dessert in Spring it just seems like things are getting a little excessive on the festival front. Even Insomniac Events CEO, Pasquale Rotella tweeted yesterday after a fan asked him if there will ever be an Insomniac cruise he responded with "Yes! Working on it!"

As if there wasn't already an over saturation of music festivals, it seems like everyone is trying to take advantage of their popularity and they are popping up everywhere in all shapes and forms. There's a reason why so many people have connected at these kind of events from the Woodstock days to Coachella's inception. There's the universal groove you share with everyone there as you see your favorite band or DJ perform and in a single moment you become connected to hundreds of people. We just hope that same love for the music stays as the primary focus and the cruise festival craze doesn't become another way for promoters to make big bucks on highly enthusiastic music fans. The full S.S. Coachella line-up is below. Sound off and comment, do you think this is a good idea?

Alf Alpha
Black Lips
Cloud Nothings
DJ Harvey
El P
Father John Misty
Girl Talk
Hot Chip
James Murphy (DJ Set)
Jason Bentley
Killer Mike
Simian Mobile Disco
Sleigh Bells
The Gaslamp Killer
The Rapture (DJ Set)

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Golden voice can suck my dick. This is complete shit.


Absolutely not!  Death to hippies, yuppies and hipsters!

toy companies
toy companies

Let's invite some top 40 garbage, charge up the wazoo, capitalize on all of the rich idiots who don't know any better."

SS Hater
SS Hater

Coachella today isn't the same festival it was 10 -- heck, even 5 -- years ago. Splitting the event into two separate weekends completely negated the community feel of the festival. It used to be that you could go to Coachella (or Bonnaroo, SXSW, Lollapalooza, etc.) and enjoy a shared experience with like-minded music-lovers. Now, the goal is to make money -- not to create an experience. "Let's invite some top 40 garbage, charge up the wazoo, capitalize on all of the rich idiots who don't know any better." I see the S.S. Coachella in the same light. Over-hyped and over-played festival bands (with the exception of Simian and Grimes - love them) plus "luxury" accommodations and a hefty price tag, minus the VENUE THE FESTIVAL IS ACTUALLY NAMED AFTER? No thanks, I think I'll stick to Sasquatch, Outside Lands and Treasure Island.

Gary Royale
Gary Royale

I think Goldenvoice is trying to capitalize on the non-EDM market since there are already two cruises out there geared towards it. That's why you see a full on hipster line up. In all honesty, they would've been better off having at least some EDM there instead of none. Sahara tent is pretty much the only reason why I enjoy this festival, so I will not consider SS as one of my cruise options coming next year. PS. personal opinions about the author should have no place here. If you do it, at least have the decency of using your real name or facebook account.


OKAYYYYY..THIS GUY^^^.. "FYI - I was throwing RAVES when you were getting your ass wiped by your mommie."..hahaha..your old as fuck..why are you still going to clubs..CLUB_goer??..REAL mature calling girls hoes and bitches!! PRETTY funny coming from a ??? year old!!..   

Chirag R Shah
Chirag R Shah

To above posters, Commentary is always wanted by an author or writer as it means it has sparked a reaction, a thought or an opinion.  However, please ensure your commentary has some literary value and conveys some sort of respectable and mature idea or thought.  Otherwise, you've simply degraded yourself and wasted the immense amount of effort it took you to type the spiteful and hateful things that you stated. Now, personally, I find the S.S Coachella to be a freshman effort by Goldenvoice and an afront of the highly esteemed Coachella brand.  This cruise is by no-means equals the thought and effort put into the Coachella festival itself.  I think many that attend this sea-going "festival" will be greatly disappointed.   I personally was hoping for a new Goldenvoice production altogether, similar to how Stagecoach was born about. Now, I strongly disagree with your statement about the Coachella lineup becoming poorer in the recent years.  I think the lineup is a statement about the current state of music and our passions.  If the lineup is poor in comparison to previous years, it may be due to our own tastes, or how they affect bookings with other artists. With the explosion in festivals in the past 5 years, artists expect larger productions, better set times and more money. Cliff Notes:  S.S Coachella will sink on it's debut journey (figuratively speaking of course) and Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is as strong as ever!


Really Alex, why can't you just post as yourself like other more reputable writers here at the OCW?  FYI - I was throwing RAVES when you were getting your ass wiped by your mommie.   noob, that's pretty funny coming from a mid 20's wanna be such as yourself.  


 Its great watching attention whores walking around the YOST acting like their all that and more.   Even the pictures you bitches post here have pictures of yourselves in them.  Talk about attention whores gone crazy.

Chris Scheetz
Chris Scheetz

They are going to take something that is immensely popular and works and fundamentally change it to meet the pussed out needs of the elite. Stupid.

Jake Bacon
Jake Bacon

What year was it actually "sweltering" (105) instead of in the mid 80's??? Answer, the one year **I** went, 2007.

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