Five Jokes You Can Make About Lauryn Hill Pleading Guilty To Tax Evasion

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Lauryn Hill, of not-paying-taxes fame.

With last week's news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' separating, as well as Adele's pregnancy, chances are you didn't have a chance to come up with any witty comments regarding hip-hop icon Lauryn Hill pleading guilty to tax evasion. Lucky for you, we wrote five one-liners for you to freely use next time the topic comes up around the water cooler.

Here are the five best jokes you can make about Lauryn Hill pleading guilty to tax evasion:

5) I guess Lauryn Hill failed to pay her taxes more than one time (one time).

4) Sounds like Lauryn Hill's Miseducation included a finance curriculum.

3) It's impossible to compare Lauryn Hill's situation with Wesley Snipes'. She wasn't in Demolition Man.

2) The question is, will Lauryn Hill be able to be pardoned by President Wyclef?

and the number 1 joke you can make about Lauryn Hill pleading guilty to tax evasion is...

1) I guess The Score wasn't a Credit Score.

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