Video: Cougar Does Some Dirty Dancing on the Huntington Beach Pier

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Everyone knows that after 4th of July, summer officially kicks into full gear. People love heading down to the beach, especially here in Orange County. And then the cougars come out to play.  Some bleached blond older women like to lay out in bikinis and and collect stares on the beach others, like the ones in the video after the jump, are a lot less passive in their seduction.

In Huntington Beach, one intoxicated cougar may have gotten a little carried away. In what appears to be a freestyle beatbox performance on the street near the HB pier, this cougar wearing cheetah-print spandex decided to jump in the center of a crowd and show us her predatory dance skills.

We all love when cougars get down and dirty, but this woman's moves are disconcerting to say the least (i.e. those thrusts she gives us at the end!). We're sure somewhere Grandmaster Flash or the Sugar Hill Gang are shaking their collective heads, wondering how the art form they helped create has come to this.

See the video below if you don't believe us:

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