Jesus People Rocking Chuck Smith to Heaven

These must be strange days indeed for Calvary Chapelites. Having heard from Chuck Smith for more than four decades that Jesus will return in the Rapture, they must've expected to be in glory by now, alongside their faithful pastor and friend.

But it appears Chuck may be heading to heaven the old fashioned way, and one wonders if it is a bittersweet reminder to the aging Jesus People that they won't escape the fate of every man. So what's a church to do as Papa Chuck prepares to meet his maker? Rock that shit, of course.

Rev. Oden Fong of Poiema Christian Fellowship in Huntington Beach is leading a series of concerts to honor Chuck. Called "Jesus Lead On", the shows feature prominent acts, such as Fong's own Mustard Seed Faith, that kickstarted evangelism to hippies in the 1960s, as well as sparking the Christian music industry.

The series continues Saturday at 7 p.m. at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and Sunday at 10 a.m. at Poeima Christian Fellowship in Huntington Beach.


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Sir you have some serious issues! If chuck Smith should pass we will all know one thing for sure. He will be going home to be with the lord who will no doubt reward him for what he has done here on earth. It is Gods will what will happen to Chuck. There is a rapture to one knows the day or hour but it will happen. I pray that you will stop writing untrue articles about Chuck Smith and maybe read the word of God and get to know him personally. You wont be sorry. Keep this up and you may be!


Is it my imagination or does this article have a kind of sarcastic air to it?


LOL on the article. Oden's a good guy, he knows much of the abuses and cover-ups that have gone on over the years in Calvary Chapel, he used to be head of CCOF and is privy to much. He knows there's a lot of bad, but also a lot of good and he loves Chuck Smith, despite all the crap that goes with it (that most CC-ites are unaware of as it is hidden from them). The Calvary Chapel molestation lawsuits are still moving along in Idaho. An Idaho newspaper is updating the progress of the suit and reports that Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is trying to get one of the suits they are named in dismissed (but it hasn't been dismissed):

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