Irvine City Council is Scared of the Big Bad Vans Warped Tour

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This is a place for families, not a haven for the great unwashed!
Just days before the Vans Warped Tour steamrolls into the Great Park, Irvine City Council members are jumping up to say "not in my backyard!"

Following Tuesday's council meeting, it was reported that council members representing the safest city in America are having some serious objections to the festival, held on June 21. Councilman Jeffrey Lalloway apparently used his ace Googling skills to look up festival headliners like Anti-Flag, and found the band's songs like "Fuck Police Brutality" to be offensive. 

"That's crossing the line," Lalloway says. "We need to have a family friendly venue out there."

We're guessing he also looked at artists like New Found Glory, Young London and rapper G-Eazy and was equally terrified. 

Aside from the 15,000 tickets being sold for the event, council members are also worried that flocks of dirty punk rockers and emo kids descending on their city will cause traffic, sanitary problems and "goodness knows what other kinds of problems for city residents," Lalloway says. 

They sure picked a hell of a time to figure this out--the ink is already dry on the deal between festival promoter Goldenvoice and AMCI (the company who rents out the Great Park), so the show will likely still happen. However, Lalloway and company lived up to their stuffy reputation yet again by drafting a policy outline to prevent future events with what they see as vulgar themes. What kind of effect this will have on any future partnerships between Goldenvoice and the city is yet to be determined, though the idea of a possible megafest sponsored by the Coachella promoter seems a little less likely now, doesn't it?

Probably the most laughable comment from the council came from Larry Agran, who says he's afraid that the high number of arrests at the show could threaten the park's reputation of being the safest public space in the safest city in America. So he called for a strict no-smoking policy targeting "legal or illegal" substances during the show and a boost in police presence. Really? A venue full of pissed off adolescents surrounded by cops without so much as a cig to calm the tension? You might as well have the riot gear ready to go because this is going to get ugly. 

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Edited to say "Feed The Children" should read "Feed Our Children Now."  My apologies to FOCN.


Mr. Lalloway seems quick to lump the Warped Tour bands and attendees together and write them off as the misbegotten spawn of Satan.  But I am the mother of a member of one of those "vulgar" bands and I take offense.   Why, that would be like me saying that all politicians - especially those of the conservative right - are greedy, self-serving sycophants more interested in grandstanding for re-election than serving the constituents who voted them into office.    I can only speak about the members of The Silver Comet, and my son in particular, but I absolutely affirm their strength of character.  I have seen their kindness, humility, and integrity up close.  These boys don’t prattle on about family values – they live those values; the close bond between my son, his sister and myself being a prime example.  And if my own mother were alive today (she would be 104), I would proudly play their music for her without fear of her becoming embarrassed or alarmed.  Deaf maybe, but never embarrassed.   Will there be profanity and vulgarity bandied about?  Well 'goodness knows,' I’m sure of it.  But, as a school bus driver, let me give you a little tip… if your kids don’t hear it at home first, sadly, I guarantee they’ll hear it riding the bus into Kindergarten.  Might there be drinking and brawling ending in some participants being arrested?  Perhaps… just as there might be at a high school football game or city-sponsored Fourth of July celebration.  However, from what I’ve read – and it would appear that I’ve read a great deal more about Warped Tour than the councilman – tour founder, Kevin Lyman, runs a fairly tight ship while still allowing kids to have fun, discover new bands, and become involved with several worthy non-profit organizations including “Feed the Children” and breast cancer awareness.  I hope Irvine doesn’t mind that I said the “B” word.  Evidently, congress doesn’t like the “V” word and I wouldn’t want to offend.   I can appreciate a public figure wanting to get his name out if front of that public... that's how celebrity works.  However, I don’t appreciate it happening at the expense of my son and the many talented young artists of the Warped Tour.  Mr. Lalloway, may I suggest you "take off the Dora-the-Explorers and put your big boy panties on."

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