Did EDC Live Up to the Hype? Let's Ask the DJs

Erik Kabik, Insomniac
Main Stage kineticFIELD

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Last weekend, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosted over 300,000 electronic dance music fans under the glittery desert sky for Electric Daisy Carnival's annual dance beat bacchanal. Built on a foundation of  pyrotechnics, theatrical performances and world class artists and DJs, the hype and anticipation surrounding this event was felt all over the world (you can probably tell by the way we've been covering it non-stop for a week now). So did the Electric Daisy Carnival live up to the hype? Here's a look at what the top DJs had to say.

SebastianIngrosso_Erik Kabik.jpg
Erik Kabik, Insomniac
Sebastian Ingrosso

Sebastian Ingrosso after playing the Main Stage kineticField - "Woooooow, over [my] expectations, one of my best shows of 2012 so far, the crowd was unbelievable!!"

MorganPage_Michael Dahan.jpg
Michael Dahan
Morgan Page

Morgan Page after playing the Main Stage, kineticField - "EDC definitely lived up to the hype - huge, dynamic stages with a wide variety of electronic acts, massive art installations and amazing sound. I was blown away by how the sound never leaked into other areas. They've gotten it down to a science. The only downside was the wind on Saturday, but there's not much you can do about that."

Courtesy of MixJungle.com

Alesso after playing the Main Stage, kineticField - "Playing in the middle of the desert for as many people as EDC is huge. Thanks to everyone who came out, it was crazy!"

An21 & Max Vangeli.jpg
Courtesy of therukes.com
An21 & Max Vangeli

An21 & Max Vangeli after playing the Size Matters cosmicMeadow Stage - "Even though our LED show was upside down and not working, the crowd was still going nuts. It doesn't get much better than that!"

Gabriel and Dresden.jpg
Gabriel & Dresden

Gabriel & Dresden after playing the Group Therapy circuitGrounds Stage - "EDC was billed as the biggest EDM festival in the country and low and behold it was. The production of the show had everyone involved in the party. We had an awesome time!"

Courtesy of lessthan3.com

Datsik after playing the Dim Mak neonGardern Stage - "I thought EDC absolutely lived up to the hype. It's not often you find such a large conglomeration of amazing electronic artists all in one place. I found myself walking around in the crowd checking out sets nearly the whole time I was there. The artists, combined with the massive production and next level vibe, made it a show to remember!"

Dan Beid, Stoney Roads
The Nervo Twins

NERVO after playing the Dim Mak neonGarden Stage - "EDC was incredible! The Insomniac crew does such a great job. We really loved seeing our real fans in the crowd with [NERVO] posters and signs."

Ted Maider, Consequence of Sound
Borgore at EDC

Borgore after playing the bassPOD Stage -"[EDC is] The most amazing week that a young man (or mentally young man) can experience."

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