Delta Spirit-The Observatory-6/3/12

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Jackie Connor
Delta Spirit rocks The Observatory Sunday June 3, 2012.

Delta Spirit 
The Observatory

In the land of high-water, skin tight jeans, TOMS shoes and beanies, the Long Beach-based band Delta Spirit seems to break through audience fashion barriers as well as my ear drums to deliver a sound with some serious weight behind it. They showcased their  blistering energy on Sunday and brought hipsters out from the Lab, as well as various coffee shops and book stores, to The Observatory in Santa Ana.

Delta Spirit combines homemade sounds from items such as trashcan lids and electronic glitch and ambiance to create upbeat tracks like "Tear it Up." Most of the tracks for the evening were from their self-titled album Delta Spirit, however towards the end of the show, the band slowed their dance-like pace with "Devil Knows You're Dead" from their 2011 album History from Below

Lead Vocalist Matt Vasquez hurled his unrelenting fervor and throat-grabbing vocals into the crowd like a bomb, or in this case, their track "Time Bomb." His animated and gritty Springsteen-like voice ads character to each track and you can't help but notice his crazy facial expressions. Though at times, he looks possessed, you can't help but like the guy's crazy character. Whether he was bouncing to all sides of the stage, head-banging on top of scaffolding or engaging in an old-fashioned  crowd surf, Vasquez's energy never faltered.
Jackie Connor
Lead Singer for Delta Spirit Matt Vasquez builds the crowd's energy at The Observatory Sunday night.

The band concluded with their most popular track "California" which seemed to have everyone in the house on the edge of their TOMS shoes. Though I don't wear scarfs in warm climates or sport the faux Buddy Holly glasses, Delta Spirit put on the most amazing live show I have seen since And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.

Critical Bias: Guys that bare their emotions in every song turns me off.

The Crowd: As if I didn't exacerbate the obvious fashion distinctions, hipsters abound.

Overheard in the crowd: "I got these glasses at a garage sale."

Random Notebook Dump: Some hipster guy who was wearing a scarf and flannel vented to me all night about his ex-girlfriend. 

Empty House
White Table
Strange Vine
Tear it Up
Tellin the Mind
Time Bomb
House Built for Two
Bushwick Blues
People C'mon

Devil Knows You're Dead
Money Saves
People Turn Around

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The Observatory

3503 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, CA

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