We've Got the Guide to Pissing Off Greasers at The Hootenanny

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Christopher Victorio
We go to Hootenanny to get NUTS!
So you've been a tough guy all year long and it's finally time to prove why you deserve to sport those lip piercings and grammatically incorrect back tattoos. Where do you go to assert your dominance? Why, the Hootenanny of course! And when you get there, your take-no-shit mentality will certainly earn you some attention--the kind that comes with plenty of sucker punches and elbows to the groin. For those interested in customizing their Hootenanny experience on July 7 with a fight story to remember, our staff writer Josh Dulaney lets you know exactly what it takes to piss off a greaser, a bro and anyone who listens to music with the word "billy" attached to it. Check out the slide show and enjoy an old-school beat down on us.

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