Top 10 Funniest Displays of Nakedness at Lightning in a Bottle (NSFW)

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Jay Brockman/OC Weekly
Original photo was censored. Thanks Oak Canyon Ranch!

The combination of loud music and naked people is a time-honored festival tradition that will never die. And when  free-spirited hippies and ravers with electrical tape on their nipples unite for Lightning in a Bottle at Oak Canyon Ranch, we're reminded that there's always more than one way to wear a birthday suit. Whether you were hypnotized by the ground-rattling bass of the Glitch Mob, tripping balls to the freak show acrobatics of the Lucent Dossier Experience or waiting in food lines, there was no way to escape the sight of someone wearing (or not wearing) something that will be forever burned into your memory.

Our list of the top 10 funniest displays of nakedness is a salute to all the jesters in the flesh parade that kept us entertained in between acts.  Yeah, some of these people should've kept their clothes on. But for the sake of our laughter the morning after, we're glad they didn't. We also suggest you check out the rest of our massive stack of LiB photos here courtesy of ace photographer Christopher Victorio.


Jay Brockman/OC Weekly
This one was also censored-and not by PETA!


Christopher Victorio
The moment you realize your body paint looks like a botched boob job.


Christopher Victorio
Honey, do you feel a draft?

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