Tom Morello Receives "Life Achievement Award" from Orange County Labor Federation

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Tom Morello was in Anaheim on Thursday appearing at the Orange County Labor Federation's 12th Annual Solidarity Leadership Award Dinner. The guitar virtuoso for Rage Against the Machine was on hand to receive the organization's "Lifetime Achievement Award." Morello and his rebel jams are no stranger to Orange County or its labor struggles. He lent his talents as his folky alter-ego The Nightwatchman to the Disney resort area hotel workers who were fighting to prevent a rollback of their health insurance benefits.

Not content to come all dressed up and receive an award at an annual event, Morello, of course, brought his guitar and kicked out the folk jams. Orange County Employees Association's Kevin Rush recorded the spirited sing-along of "World Wide Rebel Songs." The title track is off of The Nightwatchman's last album released in 2011. After watching the excerpt, Morello fans can also check out the World Wide Rebel Tour documentary available online.

And always as the ol' Industrial Workers of the World (aka the Wobblies) remind us, "!"

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