The Offspring - Alex's Bar - 5/3/12

Andrew Youssef
The Offspring
May 3, 2012
Alex's Bar

One of my first punk shows happened to be The Offspring, Quicksand, The Vandals and Wax at the Cal State Dominguez Hills Velodrome back in 1995. I was transported back to those energetic punk rock days by witnessing a ferocious set by The Offspring last night at Alex's Bar.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album Ignition, The Offspring played the album in its entirety to the delight of a handful of super lucky fans. Cheers and hoisted beers greeted the members of The Offspring as they slid onstage. Things moved quickly as "Session's" hard driving guitar riffs pummeled the audience. 

Andrew Youssef

As the crowd rapturously cheered the band, knowing they were in for a special night, they smiled. "We Are One" had Noodles attacking his custom Ibanez guitar and cranking out power chords along with the occasional background vocal harmony. Dexter Holland donned his own Ibanez guitar for another crowd favorite, "Kick Him When He's Down." 

While there were signs posted about no stage diving, it was only a matter of time before a mosher hopped on stage and leaped back into the crowd during "Get It Right." Holland jokingly mentioned he wanted to skip "Dirty Magic" and later implied that it was Greg K's least favorite song on the album. It sounded perfect, though, as Noodles nailed The Cure-sounding guitar parts.

Holland mentioned "Hypodermic" is another song that they never play live. After nailing "No Hero," Holland remarked it was a lot of fun revisiting the album. Although Holland claimed he was nervous, "Nothing From Something" sounded flawless as Pete Parada worked tirelessly on his drum kit. Upon completing "Forever And A Day," the band took a short break, stating they would be back to play a set of their demos from 1983 which elicited some laughs from the diehard fans. Everyone seemed to be in disbelief that they just heard Ignition from start to finish.

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Alex's Bar

2913 E. Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA

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