Nikka Costa Is Talented and Hot, and Wants to Party

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Matthew Welch
After a successful summer tour in 2011, Nikka Costa is back at it again. The soulful powerhouse will be making a stop in Los Angeles and, from what we hear, is preparing to put on one hell of a show. Collaborating with some of the industry's most talented musicians (Mark Ronson, Eric Clapton and Adam Lambert to name a few), the Motown-inspired artist has an impressive musical repertoire, to say the least.

With a career spanning 30 years, Costa not only knows what it takes to put on a great performance, but she also knows what it takes to make incredible music. Over the weekend we were lucky enough to catch up with Costa to chat about her latest EP, PRO★WHOA, and her show at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex this Saturday.

What were some of the factors that influenced your newest EP PRO★WHOA?

I didn't really feel like making a funk record this time around and wanted to play more with sounds and with electronic beats. I kind of just wanted to experiment and open my envelope a little bit.

Was there anything different about the song writing process of PRO★WHOA in comparison to past albums?

The song writing process is kind of always the same. There will be a track or something that inspires a melody and then we'll build up the track. Then I'll take it, work on melodies and add lyrics to it. But the recording process is very different because I used two different producers and we were really never in the same room until mixing. So I would literally take the hard drive from one producer and bring it to the other guy and he'd add stuff to it. We'd just go back and forth, which is actually pretty cool!

What emotions do you feel when performing songs off PRO★WHOA? Are they different than the emotions you feel when performing songs off of previous albums?

There are definitely some different kinds of flavors on PRO★WHOA. I was kind of experimenting with rapping, which is kind of funny but also really fun. It was really based on rhythms and stuff, which was kind of the heart of the inspiration for the whole EP. A lot of people say that PRO★WHOA is a little bit more aggressive than my past albums.

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