Jim Jefferies On Drinking and What Makes For a Great-Looking Penis

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Jim Jefferies is known to speak his mind with a kick-ass accent. This X-rated Aussie comic isn't interested in offending with his "offensive" language, he's just telling his tales. Whether they are 100% true or not, those stories are just one of the many reasons we love him so much. This weekend Jim is coming to the Irvine Improv so leave your judgment (and your parents) at home and get ready to roar with laughter.

You were awesome at KROQ's April Foolishness this year. I mean, you were good last year too but you know what I mean.

Thank you. I find those events much more stressful because you follow such great comics. I mean, you have your fans that come to see you but the rest are a mix so that makes it stressful. I was second to last this year so I think people were getting pretty tired out there.

I think everyone was wasted, it was a lot of fun. You seemed to be having fun too. Are you drinking again?

I'm drinking much to the same level that I used to drink. I was probably about four beers in at that point. Nothing too bad.

Do you always do so well over here in the states? Is there a big difference in the crowds?

Well, sometimes I do better. [Laughs.] The only difference is the references really. Every nationality seems to pride themselves with a unique sense of humor. I think it's a bit of rubbish. It's all the same shit. I've told the same jokes in all of the different countries and have always gotten the same response. Unless my comedy is universal, but I don't think it's any more universal than anyone else's. I don't think I'm doing anything different.

Did you really get the title for your special "Alcoholocaust" from Urban Dictionary?

Well here's what happened. I came up with the name and then I checked Urban Dictionary to see what it meant. I think most times when you smash two words together someone has put it in somewhere. There are very few completely original words that you can make up that people will understand exactly what you meant. I found out there is a heavy metal band called that in Norway or something. It's a funny word though.

Agreed. You do a joke about throwing pepper in a girl's face as you are "finishing" because she deserves something. What would you call that on Urban Dictionary?

Peppergasm. [Laughs.] Maybe a Sneezeism.

You better get on that! You also talk about your childhood in your act, did realize you wanted to have a go at comedy way back then?

I was very young to start in my early teens. That's when I watched it the most, when I was about thirteen or so. I have two brothers and one of them is really funny. The other one isn't not funny, but the other one is really funny. The two of us used to watch Eddie Murphy's Delirious a lot. I did about two or three open spots when I was seventeen and then didn't do it again until I was like, twenty-three. I just stopped doing it. I just lost my confidence after a couple of shows and also I think my parents were pressuring me to go to the University.

So did you end up going to college?

Yeah. I majored in Musical Theatre. [Laughs.] I did sing but I had nodules and ever since then, I can't sing anymore.

Ohh you're like Adele ... but skinnier, well and a guy. Anyways, I heard you say on Opie & Anthony that you don't have a "great penis." What exactly do you consider a great dick?

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