DJ Scotty Boy - Yost Theater - 5/5/12

Jeff Allen
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On Cinco de Mayo, party people pound Mexican beer and tequila shots, and sport around town in sombreros. For those that survived the BBQs and pub crawls, a night out at the club was the best way to keep the party going. We headed to the Yost Theater's Cinco de Mayo party in the downtown Santa Ana art district, where DJ Scotty Boy was the headlining

The surrounding area was in full carnival swing with rides, food stands and other attractions. Walking up to the Yost Theater with sparkly lights and other festive touches in the background gave the event a very EDC-like feel. This was perfect for the night of dance music and glow sticks that waited inside.

Opening resident DJ Dangerhouse was playing the perfect mix of tech house and techno to get the crowd vibing and dancing to the beat. He even played a Tupac "California Love" remix that made the crowd go wild. The $5 Corona and $6 Patron shot specials made sure everyone was getting tipsy and celebrating to the fullest.

By the time DJ Scotty Boy came on stage the lasers, giant LED wall and glow sticks in the crowd had gotten a dance party started. He opened his set with Daft Punk's "One More Time" to get the crowd excited. Though the club was a little emptier than usual (perhaps most people didn't make it out after all the day activities) the ones that were in attendance were ready to get their party and dance on.

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The Yost Theater

307 N. Spurgeon St., Santa Ana, CA

Category: Music

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