DJ Scotty Boy Takes Us on a Tour of His Favorite OC Spots

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Shannon Nehls
L.A. native DJ Scott "Scotty Boy" Schroer started working in music back in the '90s as our local KROQ DJ. The alternative music radio station helped introduce him to Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers and Underworld. After trying to open a nightclub that completely failed, Schroer moved to Las Vegas to pursue new radio DJ gigs. After his job hosting an alternative music radio show, he would go to after-hours clubs in Vegas and eventually got sucked into EDM and its culture.

After opening the Palms Hotel clubs in 2001, he moved on to a DJ residency at Drais after-hours for three years, followed by Rehab's infamous pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel for six years. Today, Scotty Boy shares the stage with the top DJs in the world at Marquee Nightclub and Day Club at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Ahead of his Cinco De Mayo gig at the Yost Theater tomorrow night in Santa Ana, he took us on a tour of his favorite OC spots.

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Shannon Nehls
Panama Joe's in Long Beach
Scotty Recommends: The Pop Rock Margaritas and Fish Tacos
"I come here for the ambiance; it's got that beach feeling that I'm used to. Of course, it's owned by all the Sharkeez owners where I have my residencies. I sometimes fly into Long Beach airport, so it makes it convenient to get my grub on first. I love the pop rock margaritas and how they explode in your mouth! The food is really great, too. I always get the fish tacos."

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Shannon Nehls
Baja Sharkeez in Newport Beach
Scotty Recommends: Micheladas
"I love the Tijuana chicness of Sharkeez and all of their decorations. Newport is my second home, so I always stop by to say hi to my bartender friends and rack up a hefty bar tab. The micheladas (a Mexican beer made with beer, lime juice, tomato juice and spices) here are my favorite! They have a special Bloody Mary mix that I can't find anywhere else."

Location Info

Panama Joe's Grill & Cantina

5100 E. Second St., Long Beach, CA

Category: Restaurant

The Yost Theater

307 N. Spurgeon St., Santa Ana, CA

Category: Music

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