Bobby Brown on Today Show: "I Didn't Get High [On Narcotics] Before I Met Whitney"

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In his first televised interview since Whitney Houston's death, Bobby Brown appeared on the Today show this morning.

The former New Edition member is articulate and doesn't shy away from admitting their reality show, Being Bobby Brown, showed them what a mess drugs had made of their relationship. But when Matt Lauer asks Brown how he felt to have much of the public blaming him for Houston's descent into drug use and consequent death, his response is surprising.

Brown says before he met Houston, he only smoked weed and drank beer. "I wasn't the one who got Whitney on drugs," he says. Lauer says, "So this was a part of her life before--" and Brown cuts him off.

"Way before me ... I worried about it when we first got together until I tried it and when I tried it, for some reason I have an addictive personality ... I'm not the reason she's gone."

Lauer does pointedly ask if this is revisionist history, but regardless, it is preposterous to blame Brown for Houston's personal choices. Ultimately, Houston's sad decline and demise are proof that no matter the scrubbed, shiny, PR-constructed facade of "America's Sweethearts," these women are, after all, just people.

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