Coachella: Top Five Acts at the Sahara Tent

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Timothy Norris/LA Weekly

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The weekend is over and Coachella came and went in a blink of an eye. It was pure amazingness, and there were so many talented artists to see. For electronic dance music fans though there was one stage we couldn't stay away from. The infamous Sahara tent continues to grow year after year and has hosted some of the top EDM artists in the world, including Daft Punk and Paul Oakenfold. This year was no exception as the production continues to grow at all music festivals. These were the standout performances at the Sahara tent from Coachella weekend one.

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Timothy Norris/LA Weekly

5. Dada Life

Sunday April 15

This Swedish duo never fails to show their crowd a great time, and Coachella was no exception. They came out full force with their bananas and champagne ready to show the desert how to party! Everyone loves doing the Dada and going bananas over their energetic sets. Their Duck Sauce remix of the "Big Bad Wolf" had everyone going nuts, howling along and jumping up and down with excitement. They had giant blow up letters covering the stage with their name spelled out along with blow up champagne bottles and bananas floating around the sea of dancing people. I was almost tempted to get on a giant inner tube and crowd surf, but was a little scared of all the floating champagne spraying everywhere! Hey, there's always week two or EDC right? At any rate, it was an epic dance party, and that's what everyone going to this tent was hoping for!

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