Tomorrows Bad Seeds on Their New Album and Their Reggae Rock Evolution

Tomorrows Bad Seeds.jpg

We caught up with Tomorrows Bad Seeds' lead vocalist Moises Juarez and guitarist Sean Chapman at the Vans Warped Tour press conference last week. Juarez had this to say about their upcoming album, The Great Escape: "A lot of music is desensitized these days. You really have to pick and choose what you want to listen to," shared Moi. "I just feel that music is such a tool to help people cope with daily life and struggles. That's what I like to write about. Our new album has a lot of stuff like that. I just want people to continue to relate to it."

"I feel like we really found our OWN sound on this album and I'm really excited it for it," adds guitarist Sean Chapman. "It's not your typical reggae rock. We still have our reggae and punk rock influence, but Damian [Elliott] is more of a pop producer. I sang more on this album than any other album," says Juarez.

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