The Worst of Coachella: Weekend Two

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Daniel Kohn

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It couldn't all be great performances, decent recreational drugs, and pleasant weather at Coachella. Here are our writers' picks for their least favorite things from the festival's second weekend.

People Not Here for the Music
If you're paying $300-$800 for a festival ticket, one might think you were a diehard music fan psyched to hear some tunes. But this wasn't the case for many scenesters, particularly some teens and frat boys more interested in flaunting their chiseled figures. If they had vacation money to burn, wouldn't Hawaii or even Vegas have done the job just as well? -Daniel Kohn

The Disposable Camera We hate it when people block our view at shows with their digital cameras. We hate it even more when they block our view with a disposable one, especially from 500 feet away. You're almost guaranteed a horrible shot, so why bother even paying to develop the film? --Gabriel Ryan

Something Fogerty
Following Levon Helm's death, the Black Keys honored the legendary drummer, enlisting John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival in the process to perform The Band's most iconic song, "The Weight." It was a beautiful moment, yet it was mucked up for us when we heard a young woman kvetching: "This guy got mad at me because I didn't know who that guy was...something Fogerty." Actually, dear, that guy was right to be mad at you and, frankly, so are we. --Taylor Hamby

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