Learn the Art of Songwriting from Members of Quetzal this Saturday

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Martha and Quetzal
Having trouble finding those melodies to capture and transmit a definitive life experience? Constantly scratching out words on a piece of paper here and there on that rabble-rousing political anthem-to-be? No worries. This Saturday in SanTana, Martha González and Quetzal Flores of the East LA band Quetzal will be offering their wisdom for FREE at a workshop presented by el Centro Cultural de Mexico as a featured event of Día del Niño celebrations in the city.

The wife-husband duo and their band have just released 12 finely crafted tracks rounding out their fifth studio album Imaginaries to acclaim by Smithsonian Folkways earlier this year. "Songwriting is storytelling. A song as a sonic and literary manifestation is life's soundscape, a unique cathartic memento, as well as a powerful political tool," González is quoted in the liner notes for the recording. "Without question, music is an important historical text. A person's life-views, triumphs and struggles can be poured into a song."

Quetzal's latest album is its most compelling collection since 2003's Worksongs. Whether singing of an apocalyptic vision of a stark earth-abused future in "2+0+1+2 = cinco" or a simple yet profound love song in "Todo Lo Que Tengo," the band continues on as gifted Chicano/a interpreters of the human experience. Ahead of their workshop, Smithsonian Folkways has graciously offered a FREE download of the title track "Imaginaries" to our Heard Mentality readers.

The Weekly patiently awaits a Quetzal concert date scheduled in OC, but until then, give a listen and get yourself to el Centro from 2 to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday for the songwriting class and again on April 21 at the same time for a follow-up rehearsal. There's no registration required. Just show up!

El Centro Cultural de Mexico is located at 313 N. Birch Street, Santa Ana.

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