Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. Talks To After Dark LA About His Sexual Style; TMI?

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John Gilhooley/ OC Weekly
Former Weekly cover guy and T.S.O.L. lead singer Jack Grisham went on the record with our sister publication LA Weekly's sex blog, After Dark LA about his sexual history and current Christian leanings. It's super candid and fun, care of erstwhile  writer Danielle Bacher. Read our favorite parts--about pee and Grisham's sexual style--after the jump. TMI? You betcha.
After Dark LA: Is there a song that best describes your sexual style?
JG: [Laughs]. I don't fucking know. I think it really depends how vulnerable I am willing to be. When I first got sober and even when I was drinking, I could sleep with anybody -- but I didn't want to be touched. Don't touch my face. Don't show any tenderness or kindness. You can use the body, but don't show me love. Even now sometimes, it's easy to be loving, kind, holding, touching, squeezing and kissing without having intercourse. Once it crosses the line of having intercourse, I sometimes still struggle with having to step away from that intimacy.

You describe yourself as a Christian now, how does this affect your outlook and philosophy on life and love?
JG: There's a difference between a Christian and what people think a Christian is. I don't think homosexuality is wrong and I don't think people experimenting are wrong. Selfishness and hurting people -- to me, that's wrong. Those are against my principles. I believe in having fun. With two consenting adults, fuck, anything goes. Right? Except cold pee play. Warm pee play is OK, but not cold pee play. It's never OK. And I'm sure a lot of Christians don't want me saying that I'm a Christian -- as far as they are concerned, I'm not. You know, I enjoy the teachings of Christ. And what was that last commandment? That we love each other? Yeah.

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It is a sex blog after all - right? Vice recently posted a lil experiment a girl tried that tested the theory that swashing human pee around will help to whiten her teeth. The girl who posted the experiment had a follow up story because of all the fan mail she was getting. Apparently, lots of people are into pee. 

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