Irvine Singing Sensation Nilu Madadi Makes Her Post-Viral Video Debut Tonight

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With her sultry vocals, Nilu Madadi garnered attention when she released a video earlier this year for the free, downloadable single "Sing For You." The lyrics and arrangement struck a chord with music lovers craving authentic artistic expression. But what has the Irvine-based singer been up to since her viral video spread far and wide amassing more than forty-thousand views to date with a little help from the Weekly and a lot of help from Young the Giant?

"I've been in the studio recording a couple songs for some more Noise Coalition videos," Madadi says of her recent whereabouts. The singer-songwriter is busy readying new material for opportunities to come as the year progresses. "Outside of 'Sing For You' which everyone's heard, there's about ten other songs in the works," she adds. "Some incorporate classical elements, but there's also some soul influences, too."

Madadi will have a chance to showcase her building body of work tonight at the Constellation Room inside the Observatory in Santa Ana. She'll be taking the stage to open up with a five-song, half-hour set in what is her first show since the viral video release. The new and growing fan base she's collected from that time will also be able to satisfy their curiosities and see the singer perform live.

"I'm excited," Madadi says of tonight. "If people come, they'll have a chance to hear more songs that I've written besides 'Sing for You." The singer was invited to perform by residency-band Moostache and says there's a little something for everyone who ventures out on a Monday night.

"Honestly, all the other bands are really good. I'm a fan of all of them. No matter what music you like, you'll have a good time."

Nilu Madadi performs with Nichole Vaughn and her Lovely Band, Moostache, and The New Limb at the Observatory, 3503 South Harbor Boulevard, Santa Ana. (714) 957-0600. 9 p.m. Free. All Ages.

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Some incorporate classical elements, but there's also some soul influences, too.” Read about what Madadi's been up to musically as well as where you can catch the Iranian

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