Free Ticket Tuesday Wednesday! Lacuna Coil at HOB Anaheim and Facedown Fest at the Glass House!

Lacuna Coil
We're giving away a pair of tickets to see Italian metal goth band Lacuna Coil at the House of Blues Anaheim on Sunday, and five pairs of tickets for the Christian punk/hardcore extravaganza that is Facedown Fest at the Glass House on Saturday!
All you have to do to win tickets is 1) Like or retweet this post, and 2) leave us a message on Heard Mentality's Twitter (@ocweeklymusic) and/or Facebook with the show you want to watch, your name and email address! Winners will be notified Thursday at noon; tickets will be held at will call.

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HOB security takes three people to kick me out of a show on 10/02 (even though one was a kitchen person)  I am one person and the security calls me a tool,  funny how he's the tool.  You're almost as lame as your venue.  When are you going to go to the police academy?  Wait you're not because you can't,  I know who you are.  Stop trying to throw out the last word like you are an authority of anything.  Grow up you are the tool!

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