5 Random Basketball Jerseys Spotted At Coachella

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As we've shown you, Coachella is the place for an assortment of fashions. However, an understated, yet integral part of any festival is the appearance of a random basketball jersey from years past, by that we mean the '90s. Here are some of our favorite sightings.

Daniel Kohn
Shawn Kemp, Cleveland Cavaliers: Acquiring the power forward was supposed to turn Cleveland into contenders, but instead did the opposite. It wasn't until LeBron James came to town that Cavs rebounded from Kemp's brief tenure in Cleveland. You're more likely to Kemp Sonics jersey than this gem.
Daniel Kohn
Dennis Rodman, Los Angeles Lakers: Rodman was supposed to be the missing piece in the Lakers quest for a championship. Instead, he lasted 23 forgettable games, making this jersey a relic of the time right before Shaq and Kobe hit their stride.

Daniel Kohn
Bobby Hurley, Sacramento Kings: What makes this jersey so killer is that it's the old Kings uniform from the Duke point guard's rookie year, which was tragically cut short when he was hit by a drunk driver. These jerseys are tough to find period, but the fact that it was Hurley makes it even more random.

Daniel Kohn
Nick Van Exel, Los Angeles Lakers: Known as one of the most hotheaded players in the league, Van Exel isn't so much random as his jersey isn't seen that often. Only diehard Laker fans would have this, which again is hard to find.

Daniel Kohn
Horace Grant, Orlando Magic: On a team with superstars like Shaq and Penny Hardaway, Horace Grant wasn't exactly a jersey that would be highly sought after. However, this concertgoer paid ode to the bespectacled power forward with this classic jersey that's sure to make Bulls fans cringe

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