[EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Travis Barker Will Guest At Beyond Wonderland] Steve Aoki Talks Beyond Wonderland and His Latest Album: 'The World Is Not Going To End'

Do you ever get hurt when you stage dive?

Yea, it's gonna happen. I was playing in Mexico City a few days ago. I'm actually healing from wounds from there. In Mexico City, they are the most energetic. These kids live for the music. When I jumped into the crowd, they clawed into my back. I had a medic come on stage to clean my back during my set. The fans were so loyal because there was no music for 15 minutes. I was gushing blood. I'm not sure, but I think people were biting me. I'm still healing. Unfortunately, I can't do all of my stunts right now. I don't blame them, they were in the moment. Some times that shit happens, [you] gotta take the blows.

Do you ever get tired of rocking out so hard on stage?

I'm playing in front of different kids every night. they are fucking giving all their energy. If I don't give as much energy [out], it's not fair. I want to give them all I can. I look at it like this; I am their show, they come to see me. When I go play, [the fans] are my show. We are all in it together, it is the experience. If I'm not giving my part, it's just not fair

What's next for you in 2012? Are you preparing for the world to end?

The world is not going to end. That's for sure. We have a time for that to happen. I'm working a lot with music. I'm almost done with collaboration with Knife Party. I'm working on "Caught In A Tornado" with Tiesto and another collaboration with Diplo. Those are fun collaborations that will eventually surface. I'm also doing a music video for all the songs on the album. "Cudi The Kid" is going to be next. "Heartbreaker" featuring Lovefoxxx is on MTV right now. I'm pretty happy about them putting that in their rotation. 

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