The Orange County Supertones Strike Back: God's Favorite Ska Band Working on First Album in Eight Years

(Most of) the gang is back
​Unless you were a ska fan in the mid-1990s or were a part of the underground Christian rock movement that put some Cialis into the limp Jesus music scene, you've probably never heard of The Orange County Supertones.

They've sold a million units. 

And after an eight-year hiatus, the band is back together, writing songs, and getting ready to put out a new album. Not every band member could break from their real lives to reunite (check out the website linked below for more info), but they're ready to have a go at it anyway.

Aaaaand, they're also lining up some live shows. Probably won't be as rowdy as their early gigs in the secular venues, when wacky fans would flip the bird, yell something about Satan, or throw bottles and spit at them. Nah, after a baptism of fire,  the Supertones pretty much stuck to the church circuit and Christian music festivals.

GenX saints feeling nostalgiac (or those goons who threw stuff at the band) can follow them at

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This is awesome! Supertones were one of the first Ska albums I picked up back in the day.


"If you say you used to be a Christian, then you never really was.  Just sittin' back in church, doin' what a Christian does.  The world's gotta gun and the devil's got a trigger." 

 Random lyrics I remember.


What?  A positive story and nobody comments.  Shows people just like to complain more than anything else.

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