The Game at the Observatory, March 18, 2012

The Game IMG_2653.jpg Matt Oliver
Matt Oliver
The Game
The Observatory
March 18, 2012

The Game--the man famous for wearing a red bandanna, the man who grew up in Compton as a certified Blood gang member--took over the Observatory last night. But it wasn't like the night that Yelawolf punched a fan in the face and a number of fights broke out. The Game kept the peace while making it rain and giving an OG West Coast hip-hop performance. The crowd was relatively tame, with no signs of fighting or police activity.
The Game IMG_2649.jpg Matt Oliver
Matt Oliver
Black Wall Street took Orange County on a wild, violent journey though his life with his raspy voice. He performed for an hour and 30 minutes with a nonstop lyrical rampage through each era of his career. He opened up with a "How We do" Intro to "The City." The intro established the Game as an intimidating presence onstage, while the crowd entered the mind of Chuck Taylor. A live band backed The Game, which gave his set a bit more magic than just a DJ. You could feel raw emotion as the band and The Game synced as one. As the music continued, the journey thought the album L.A.X Files, with the self titled song "LAX Files","Money" and the hip hop rock anthem "Dopeboyz."

Turning the energy down a notch, the Game took a seat during the middle of his set for the hip hop ballad "My Life." The energy quickly picked up after as he jumped up and kicked the chair violently to segue his heavily popular song " Martians vs. Goblins.

The Game IMG_2621.jpg Matt Oliver
Matt Oliver

The Game brought his A game, but the same couldn't be said of the crowd. Coronas were the drink of choice before the Game started chugging a bottle of Grey Goose during "Hate It Or Love It." His entourage tried to stop him so he wouldn't get wasted, but the Game downed every last drop of the vodka. During "Hate It Or Love It," the crowd chanted the chorus as if they heard if for the first time--it sounded so bad that the Game quipped, "You guys sound drunker than me." Black Wall Street finished his entertaining set with "How We Do" and his song with R&B's bad boy Chris Brown "Pot of Gold."
Matt Oliver
As usual, there were no shortage of weed or alcohol throughout the night, but the real party was onstage. Maybe Orange County just can't show up for hip-hop shows (what a shocker), because while the audience went crazy for the mega hits, they couldn't keep the rhythm or high energy to vibe with the Game. All in all, the night was fun and full of quirky antics


Critics Bias I'm not to big into hip-hop, but West Coast hip-hop is king. My head was bobbing the whole time during the Game's set.

Random Notebook Dump A guy in the front collapsed, then got up just to faint again and again.

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