SXSW: Ten Things Your Outfit Says About You

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VVM-SXSW-Thu-20-Vermin Supreme_crop.jpg
Photo by Erik Hess
Some folks attend South by Southwest to look at bands, but a good many passing through the 2012 edition seem to enjoy the added benefits of being looked at, as well. Even without haute couture, music fans and opportunists on the streets of Austin send a wealth of subliminal messages to each other simply by their choice of wardrobe.

Here are the top ten visual subjects who let us point a camera at them, and what their attire was saying -- or screaming -- at us. --by Reed Fischer

10. "My pants look better than your legs."

Photo by Erik Hess

9. "Check out my mixtape." Also, this guy told us to check out his mixtape.
Photo by Erik Hess

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