Something is Terribly Wrong With Juggalobook

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By now we're sure you've heard that Faygo-spraying rap duo Insane Clown Posse have launched their version of Facebook called the Juggalobook, made especially for  Juggalos and Jugalettes.

We're not saying that's wrong, obviously--this is a free country and ICP fans can do whatever the heck they want (and they do). Apparently the site is laden with many features that  MTV lovingly calls "vintage web services" such as "chat rooms, forums, polls, micro-blogs and quizzes." Not that we can check, because like we said, something is terribly wrong with the site--in that it won't let me create a profile.

We've spent six hours trying to create a profile, but all we get is a spinning wheel, and a note saying the "captcha" letters we've been inputting are wrong.

So again, we have to take MTV's word for it when they say that it's a Myspace reincarnation which feature NSFW-ish content "without a "pesky" moderation process holding postings back."

So here's a message for Juggalobook: I want in on this family affair.  Instead of status updates, I want to reply to the question "What up Ninja?"

I want to have 547 "whoop whoops!" instead of "Likes" on my posts, and I want my friends to be called "homies." Make it happen, Juggalobook! Whoop whoop!

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Mother Fuckers were just people like everyone else. You don't show us the respect we deserve I've had enough you threaten or way of life with this bs theres more important things to worry about than us were Not here to be ur Fucking disteraction to make you feel superior by passing ur laws and making it more n more difficult for us to congregate how long until the first punch is thrown How long do I have to be afraid for my family afraid of losing contact with them or watching it all fall to pieces all because you think you have the right Get it through ur skull were here to stay I'm never going to back down I'll die for me and mine how about you

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